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Date: 04/09/2012
BAT are now on Twitter check us out: @BattleTranx 


New Office Number
Date: 04/09/2012
Update your contact list BAT has a new office number 0117 9690303.   


Would like to volunteer for BAT?
Date: 04/08/2011
We are looking for people keen to help. If you would like to get involved in any way please contact us on more....

Battle Against Tranquillisers

invites you to our

 "Benzodiazepines – Any Questions?" panel evening


Wednesday October 22nd 2014

starting at 18:30 with tea/coffee, and ending with a buffet

To include our Annual Meeting 2013-2014

On the panel (among others!) we hope will be:-

  • Nikki Ralph – Substance Misuse Psychosocial Team Manager, HMP Eastwood Park
  • Clive Lewis - Head of Alcohol and Drugs, Public Health England SW
  • Dr Liz Lee – Horfield Health Centre
  • David Dicks – BAT service user

The meeting will take place at Coniston Community Centre,

Coniston Road,

Patchway BS34 5TF

(This is Coniston Community Centre NOT Patchway Community Centre)

  We recommend that you do not use a satnav as it will direct you to the rear of the nearby shops!


Email: kate@bataid.org


Who are we?

  BAT is a user-led, user-sensitive registered charity, based in Bristol. Several ex-benzodiazepine users, and carers of users, are on BAT’s management committee.

 Our Mission statement:-

To lessen the harm caused by benzodiazepine and z drug tranquillisers and sleeping pills

 Our aims

  •   To help those who are addicted to benzodiazepines, tranquillisers and sleeping pills, and drugs with similar effects, and who wish to withdraw from them, to do so as comfortably as possible, and to help them to make the changes necessary in life after withdrawal.


  • To educate and inform all those who may come across the problem of Benzodiazepine addiction, either personally or professionally, towards and understanding of the difficulties caused by the drugs actions and the compounding of these difficulties in withdrawal.
  • To influence services in their prescribing, managing and supporting of clients who take/want to withdraw from Benzodiazepines and similar drugs.



What we do:

Provide direct services: to users and carers: through support groups, drop-ins (both bz-specific and partnership generic), home visits, telephone helpline, dual diagnosis, website question and answer facility and specialist support for other agencies/ workers.

Educate and inform: through partnership working, training (including post-graduate accredited training), policy development, profile-raising of the issues through media, presentations, website, drug and alcohol and mental health conference planning and input, keynote speaking at conferences (mental health/drug and alcohol).

We aim, through education and training, to reduce prescribing by raising awareness.

BAT is the only organisation of its kind that works with clients who take benzodiazepines etc, both on prescription and those who take the drugs illicitly. It’s also the only agency that offers specific training and support to organisations/workers, whose clients/patients experience the problems of benzodiazepine use and withdrawal.

Many national and local organisations signpost people to BAT for specialist tranquilliser help. These include NHS Direct, National Drugs Helpline, Mind, Sane, and The Samaritans.

Our history

Battle Against Tranquillisers began as a self-help unfunded group in 1985. The need for such a group quickly became apparent. Bristol Drug Project contacted us within a few weeks of opening, to offer the use of a room because that so many people who contacted the Project were also taking benzodiazepines.

In 1991 BAT won the Association of British Insurers Regional Gold Medal for Medical Services to the Community.

In 1994 a local GP contacted BAT to hold a series of consultations with patients who had been taking benzodiazepines long-term. This was because she had noticed that older patients who fell and fractured bones, seemed almost always to be taking these drugs.

The following year (1995) BAT was placed on a firmer foundation and started to be funded from a number of sources. It is now a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. Jean Corston, a local Member of Parliament, is patron.



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Annual Report

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